Causes of War

We are starting a new topic today. It is called Religion, Peace and War. We will be looking at examples of war, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and whether war can ever be justified.

Task: What does just mean? Can war ever be just? Write a couple of sentences with your opinion.

Task: Create a mind map of reasons why war may be started. Here are some ideas:

  • Self-defence (e.g. Britain during WW2)
  • Retaliation (e.g. US involvement in WW2 after Pearl Harbour) 
  • Religion (e.g. The Crusades, European Wars of Religion, IS)
  • Conflicting political ideologies (e.g. The Cold War)
  • Greed or competition for natural resources and land
  • Ethnic tensions (e.g. Israel vs Palestine, Germany in WW2)

Task: Which of these reasons is the best or most just reason for starting a war?

Wars have been happening since the beginning of humanity on earth, and have affected almost every country.

Task: Watch this video.

Task: Do you think that World War II was justified? Watch the videos below to help you.

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