Christianity and Gender

Task 1: Make a spider diagram of the traditional role of women

Task 2: Find and write the definition of these words…

sexism, discrimination, prejudice

Why the roles of men and women have changed:

  • The Divorce Reform Act of 1969 made divorce easier to obtain
  • The availability of contraception in the 1960s meant women could control when they had a family
  • The Equal Pay Act (1970) meant women had to be paid the same as men for the same job
  • The feminist movement has worked to secure equal rights for women socially and politically
  • Paid paternity leave (introduced in 2011) means that employers must allow the father two weeks paid time off work.
  • The social perception that there are men’s jobs and women’s jobs has disappeared because of legal action against sexism
  • The sex discrimination Act (1975) meant that women have an equal right to jobs
  • People are living longer so women are more likely to have to care for the elderly

Task 3: Research what Catholics, Modern Protestants and Traditional Protestants believe about the role of women.

Task 4: ‘If you follow a religion seriously you are less likely to be prejudiced.’ What is your opinion on this statement? Explain your view.

Task 5: Choose one of the following questions to answer, based on your gradepath.

Grade 3-4: Explain three reasons why women’s roles are different now to in the 1950s

Grade 5-6: Explain the difference between traditional and modern Christian attitudes to women’s roles

Grade 7+: Why would some traditional Christians disagree with women earning the main income in a couple

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