Islam and Gender

Task 1: Summarise what you believe the Muslim attitude to women is…

Task 2: Create a table using the information below. You should summarise the information into three bullet points on each side.

Traditional Muslim attitude towards women:

  • Men & women should have different roles in life & religion.
  • Role of women: create halal home, bring children up as good Muslims.
  • Role of men: provide for family by working, Worship Allah in mosque with sons.
  • Because…Qur’an teaches men should support women as they are stronger.
  • Qur’an teaches women created to bear children.
  • Qur’an teaches women should only inherit half what a man inherits showing men need more money to provide for family.

Modern Muslim attitude towards women:

  • Men & women should have completely equal roles in religion & education.
  • Women should have careers but their role as mother should take priority.
  • Some would accept women leaders.
  • Because…Qur’an teaches men & women are equal in religion and education.
  • Muhammad encouraged both men & women to worship in the mosque.
  • There were women leaders during early stages of Islam.
  • Reference to Kahdijah/Aisha (The Prophet’s wife Aisha and his daughters were considered great scholars of Islam. She had an important role in early Islamic history. She memorised the Qur’an off by heart & understood it. The Prophet’s first wife Khadijah was a successful businesswoman who in fact proposed marriage to him.)

I shall not lose sight of the efforts of any of you who work in my way, be it man or woman; each of you is from the other”

(Qur’an 3:195)

Task 3: Use the quote above to answer the question:

Explain two Muslim views on gender equality. Use sacred writings to support your answer. (5)

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