Use and Abuse of Animals

Task 1: Make a list of the ways that humans use animals. Highlight which you agree with and which you disagree with in two colours.

Task 2: How are animals used by humans?

Some animals are used for experimentation for medicine or cosmetics. Some animals are used for entertainment, for example in circuses or horse racing. Some animals are used for research and conservation, for example in zoos. Some animals are used for food.

Task 3: Write one benefit and one harm for each of the four ways they can be used.

Task 4: Do you think humans and animals are equal? Explain your opinion.

Task 5: Explain two religious beliefs about the use of animals. Refer to scripture or sacred writing in your answer. (5)
The answer has been started below, you need to finish it off.

One Christian belief about the use of animals is that animals have been provided for the use of humans. They believe this because in Genesis, it states that ‘whatever Adam called every living creature, that was its name’ which show that God gave Adam control of the animals. Therefore, Christians believe we are able to use animals, within reason, for the benefit of humans, such as for food.

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