Sikhism Practices

Task 1: Look at the image below and write two questions you have about the image.

This is a langar. A langar is a kitchen where food is made every day and used to feed the community. Sikhs and non sikhs are welcome to eat at the langar.

Sewa is seen as an essential act of worshipping Waheguru (God), where Sikh’s use their daily lives to become closer to Waheguru. Members of the Sikh community must serve others in their everyday lives, and by doing so, they rid themselves of their own ego and pride, making it possible to become closer to Waheguru. Therefore, Sikhs volunteer to help in the langar, cooking the food, serving the food or clearing up after meals.

Sewa = selfless service to others

Task 2: Give five examples of selflessness.

Task 3: Choose one of the questions below to answer.

  • why is equality important?
  • how do we ensure equality at school?
  • what more could be done in the world to ensure equality?

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