Wealth and Poverty

Task 1: What do you think that the definition of being poor is? Is it relative or absolute?

Task 2: Write down the following definitions.

  • Wealth – having a large amount of investments, possessions or money
  • Poverty – being without basic food, needs or money

Task 3: Do you think that citizens of wealthy nations have an obligation to give money to less developed countries? Explain your opinion.

In this video, it shows how Oxfam are aiming to ensure everyone has access to basic rights. They rely on donations to pay their employees to ensure that they are able to achieve this.

There has been some discussion on whether charity workers should be on high salaries, as this money has come from donations and could be spent on people in need. The CEO of Oxfam earns around £125,000 a year. The average UK salary is around £29,000.

Task 4: Do you think that there should be a limit on salaries of charity workers? Explain your opinion.

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