Taoism (also spelled Daoism) is an organized religious tradition that has been developing in China, and elsewhere, for over 2,000 years.

Task 1: This is the symbol of Taoism. Draw it and research what it means. For the information click here.

People who follow this religion believe that doing something with words, thoughts, symbolic actions, etc. can make things in the real world change. That idea is hard to understand. Here is an example: There is an old story that says China was once covered by a flood. The world was saved from the flood by 禹 Yǔ, who had only one leg that worked. Yǔ went to different parts of China in a special order, and he dug ditches to let the flood water go into the ocean. When something very bad happens in the world, a Daoist priest can go to the Daoist temple and act out what Yǔ did, and just doing that will make the world get fixed.

Daoist priests do many other things. For instance, they can use fire and noise to scare demons away. They can do things to cure sickness. They can perform funerals and help keep the new ghosts safe from harm.

Task 2: One of the festivals that Taoists celebrate is called the Dragon Boat Festival. Research what this festival celebrates and how it is celebrated. Create a leaflet advertising a Dragon Boat Festival. You must include:

  • An image of a dragon boat
  • What is the purpose of the festival
  • How do people celebrate the festival

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