Year 10 Project

For the last week of term, we are going to having a look into something completely different, and something which will hopefully get your brains thinking! This is your work for the week, and is due on Friday.

Firstly, watch this video.

Now watch this video:

You could also watch this one:

Next, read this article.

And now, read this article.

When a driver slams on the brakes to avoid hitting a pedestrian crossing the road illegally, she is making a moral decision that shifts risk from the pedestrian to the people in the car. Self-driving cars might soon have to make such ethical judgments on their own — but settling on a universal moral code for the vehicles could be a thorny task, suggests a survey of 2.3 million people from around the world. For example, in a scenario in which some combination of pedestrians and passengers will die in a collision, people from relatively prosperous countries with strong institutions were less likely to spare a pedestrian who stepped into traffic illegally.

I would like you to think about these questions:

  • What is the issue here?
  • How could there be a moral dilemma created by driverless cars?
  • How could driverless cars benefit society?
  • Should driverless cars be used on the roads? Are there any exceptions or problems that should be considered?

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