Task 1: Which of the following do you personally think are miracles?

Life beginning on planet Earth
The birth of a baby
A cancer patient’s tumour disappearing.
Seeing Jesus’ face in a slice of toast.
A statue of the Virgin Mary weeping.
All the passengers surviving a plane crash.
A paralyzed man was bitten by a spider, and it cured his paralysis.
A man turning water into wine.

Task 2: Write the definition of a miracle…

A miracle is an event which seems to break a law of science and the only explanation seems to be God.

When Jesus was growing up he noticed that he had special abilities. Jesus had shown that he really was the Messiah and had special powers from God. Jesus wanted to use these abilities to help all people. He did this by performing miracles. 

Task 3: How do you think Jesus felt performing Miracles?

The Bible says that Jesus performed many miracles during his time on earth. Christians say that miracles prove Jesus was God’s son as God gave him control over the powers of nature, sickness and death.

Task 4: Give five examples of miracles in the Bible. If you’re stuck, look here.

Task 5: What five questions would you ask Jesus about the miracles he performed?

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